Model R    JR Model R, R-2, R-3      


Serial Numbers 8501 “and up manufactured prior to 2/1/34”


The Model R was essentially a make-over of the successful Junior design.  The wingspan was increased by one foot, and the fuselage was shortened about 5 feet and deepened as well.  The landing gear was reconfigured but the engine power remained as earlier models.  The Model R commanded a $6000 higher price tag than the previous Model S.

The Model R’s from the beginning were planned to offer both conventional and retractable landing gear.  The retractable Model R-3 was about 30 lbs heavier then the R-2 and cost about $500 more, but otherwise primarily the same airplanes.  The cruise speed of the R-3 with the gear up was only about 8 mph higher.  Marketing being ever so critical, the Model R also began carrying the advertising line “The Aircraft Standard of the World” which was a close variation of the Cadillac Motor Car advertising theme.

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