The National Stinson Club (NSC) is a volunteer group of aviation enthusiasts dedicated to the support and preservation of the stunning airplanes manufactured by Eddie Stinson.  The Club began in late 1962 and covered all of the airplanes built from the very first 1920 Greyhound Biplane up thru the 108 series.  By 1978 the 108 membership had grown to such a size that they truly deserved their own accommodations and the International Stinson Club began.  The NSC remains dedicated to preserving the history of one of the most innovative and beautiful airplanes ever built. 


Through member dues and donations the NSC maintains a library containing many of the various maintenance and parts manuals.  In addition we have accumulated many of the service manuals for the various component parts, such as propellers, starters, etc.   This library and support structure is dedicated to assisting Stinson owners, operators, and researchers with the technical information necessary to keep their airplanes flying safely.  Each of these

airworthy airplanes is not just a stunning antique, but it is a mobile time

capsule to an era of exciting aviation growth and innovation.


The NSC is still digitizing many documents including engineering 

drawings and service information so please check back occasionally to

see what has been added.  The NSC is an all-volunteer organization,

please look, comment and of course join, if you feel so inclined.  Look for

us on Facebook as well



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